Legal Action Against Justin Bieber For Graffiti

Source: TMZ

Justin Bieber picked the wrong city to spray tag, ’cause the mayor of Gold Coast, Australia just issued an ultimatum to the “pop princess” — clean up your mess … OR SING FOR ME!!!!!

Mayor Tom Tate just issued a video message to Bieber after the singer went graffiti crazy all over a hotel wall during a visit to the city last week.

“I’ve got a message for pop princess Justin Beaver,” Tate said … “We love your music but we hate your graffiti and your vandalism here in our city.”

He continued … “Mate, you’ve got two choices — come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the [Mayor’s Christmas Carols event] on the 7th of December.”

It’s unclear what will happen if Bieber ignores both requests … but here’s our advice for Mayor Tate: Don’t hold your breath.”

People’s Weird Obsession With Tragedy And Death

In response to: Paul Walker Dies At 40 In Fiery Car Crash

Here at Random Humor, we don’t get the obsession with people’s wanting to be connected to tragedy or death. Paul Walker passed away Saturday afternoon in a fiery car crash. Before his death, his twitter followers rested at a modest following in the low 700,000’s. By 10:45pm EST, his count went to well over 850,000 followers and are still rising.

We hope people know, that by following him after he passed doesn’t mean you are a fan. The fact that you are looking for a connection to him through his death is kind of… well, weird.

We’ve seen this happen time and time again over the last few years. Someone (especially a celebrity) is hurt or tragically dies, and the followers or friend requests come pouring. And it seems to have something to do with wanting a weird connection to a particular tragedy. Here’s a small piece of advice; Don’t pretend to care once someone passes and don’t jump on the bandwagon when a group of people start to make fools of themselves.


Paul Walker Dies At 40 In Fiery Car Crash


Source: TMZ

“Paul Walker — best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” movies — died Saturday afternoon after a single-car accident and explosion in Southern California … TMZ has learned.

The accident happened in Santa Clarita — north of Los Angeles — and according to multiple sources connected to Paul … the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into a post or a tree … and then the car burst into flames.

Several of our sources — some who are still at the scene of the accident — tell us Paul and another person in the car were killed. Law enforcement is still on the scene, and we’re told the L.A. County Coroner’s Office is on the way.”

Looking For Bloggers and A Face For Random Humor!

Do you enjoy blogging about celebrity gossip, making funny videos and/or getting paid to do both? Random Humor is looking for guest bloggers to post about celebrity gossip and for a face for Random Humor’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and website. If interested, take a watch at the video above and submit your info in the contact us link!

Ex-Cheerleader Gropes A 12-Year-Old Boy And Then Tries To Give Him Oral Sex


What?!? Ex Tennessee Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Garner has taken creepy to the next level! She has been charged with aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor after she supposedly groped a 12-year-old’s ‘heuvos’ and then tried to go down on him.

Married, Garner is 42 and supposedly tried this stunt at a party the boy’s mom was holding. She said that it was accidental because she thought he was a grown man but was too drunk to notice. But it doesn’t really make sense since apparently, the boy told cops she tried the act after asking if he’d ever been with a grown woman.

After the incident, the boy immediately told his mom and she called the cops. Garner is currently being held on a $30,000 bond. If guilty, she’ll be in jail for the next 8 years! Serves you right for being creepy… What do you think? Does she deserve it?

Beyonce Is Going To Be In H&M’s New Collecton


As if summer couldn’t get hot enough, we’ve just learned Beyonce is going to be the new face of H&M’s upcoming collection. Beyonce said:

 “I’ve always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion. I really loved the concept we collaborated on to explore the different emotions of women represented by the four elements—fire, water, earth and wind. It was a beautiful shoot on a tropical island. It felt more like making a video than a commercial.”

I’ve always been a fan of H&M. Maybe I’ll start shopping more now that she’ll be in the stores!

H&M’s newest eco friendly collection – via E! Online

Is A New James Bond Film To Hit Theaters Before 2016?


It looks Daniel Craig will be heading back to work early this term! Rumor has it that work will begin on the 24th Bond film as early as next year.

Actor Ben Whishaw spilled the beans that the 007 crew are going to beginning work on the new film. (You know, the new M16’s Q). But if only it was a rumor … Now the MGM Chief Executive Officer, Gary Barber, has confirmed the news by telling investors they’re hoping to have the next Bond film ready in the next three years!

So what was your reaction to Skyfall? And do you think Craig will continue as 007 after 2016, or better yet, who do you think would make an unbelievable bond in the future?

Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler On A Sushi Date!


I know you’re trying to hide yourself, but we totally know that’s you Vanessa! The boyfriend, Austin, was the dead giveaway.

Vanessa Hudgens took a little bit of a break from promoting her new film, Spring Breakers, to eat some good ole’ sushi with boyfriend, Austin Butler. Looking forward to seeing this new film! Are you??


Jimmy Fallon And Selena Gomez Rock Mario Kart Love Song

Jimmy Fallon is always rockin’ it with musicians. Especially since we’ve seen his latest week with JT. But this time, he took a break from his History Of Raps (newest history of rap with JT – see below..)to create a nice love song with the wonderful Selena Gomez. I don’t know about you, but I grew up playing Mario Kart, so I found this hilarious… Hopefully you will too! Take a look at the vid above.

History Of Rap Part 4!