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Kate Upton Considering Taking A Boy To Prom


Could you imagine; all of your friends talking about who’s taking who to the prom, conversation gets around to you and you say, “I’m thinking about taking Kate Upton!” Of course, their response immediately would be to laugh it off as a great joke. But not for this kid! Jake Davidson, a Los Angeles senior posted a video on YouTube asking Kate to go to prom with him. He says:

“I’m Jewish, 5’9″ on a really good day and I can’t dance at all,” Davidson says, offering the date. “You’re Christian, 5’10” and that Cat Daddyvideo should’ve won an Oscar for Best Short Film. You could say this is destiny.”

Kind of funny, but now that the video has over 100,000 views, it’s starting to get some attention! She even tweeted back saying:

“You can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I’ll check my schedule ;)”

Lucky guy! Or do you think she’s just helping him push the publicity a bit? What do you think?!

Selena Gomez Offered A Sweet Deal To Do A Duet With Britney Spears

selena g

What?! Two posts on Selena Gomez in one day? Is she all over the news or what! Gomez was offered a pretty sweet deal when Britney Spears and some producers came to Gomez with a duet idea for the pop world. The Hollywood Reporter has the story for you:

Pop lovers everywhere undoubtedly felt a pang of excitement earlier this week at the thought of a Britney Spears-Selena Gomez duet, when the former X Factor judge tweeted “Awww @SelenaGomez can duet with me anytime!”

Spears was of course referencing a YouTube video from South by Southwest, where Gomez and her co-starsAshley Benson and Rachel Korine performed an impromptu karaoke version of her debut single “…Baby One More Time,” which is featured in their film Spring Breakers.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Thursday, Gomez confessed to “geeking out” over the tweet in question, but doesn’t expect to follow through on Spears’ offer.

“Oh my gosh, I died!” Gomez gushed. “[Our rendition] was terrible, by the way, but she still freaking tweeted it. I was so happy.”

Asked if she would follow up on a collaboration, the 20-year-old said: “I would be honored, but I’m sure it was just her being friendly – which I’m appreciative of.”

But fans of Gomez and her infectious hit “Love You Like a Love Song” will soon have new music to play with the top down this summer, even without a Spears contribution.

“The first single will come out in April,” Gomez says of her forthcoming album, which she says is completely finished.  “I’m ready for everybody to hear it.”

Gomez describes her fourth studio effort as “a little island-y, a little Spanish-y and a little pop – but almost dance pop.”

“It’s kind of all over the place, but I’m really excited about it,” she added. “It’s definitely the hardest I have ever worked on a record, that’s for sure. I wanted to have more creative control over the album’s direction.”

Do All Disney Princess’ Need To Go Bad To Get Better?


There have been many stories out, from positive to negative, talking about Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens using Spring Breakers to help them move from the quaint, little Disney stars to sexy women. The movie is filled with bikinis, body shots and threesomes which leaves many to think that they’re just turning into the next Britney Spears. You know if you ask me, if this is what it takes to move them from the little Disney stars they “were” to be as successful as those such as – Britney, Justin and Christina, then all the power to them! And if you want to blame someone, blame it on Harmony Korine and James Franco… Otherwise, don’t watch the film!


Moonshiner’s Star, Tickle, Arrested For Public Intoxication


If you’ve been following Moonshiners, a TV reality show about distilling moonshine, of course, you know Tickle all too well. As great of a distiller Tickle is, he claims he’s a better taster. This became a little too real for him when the reality star was arrested for public intoxication. He was apparently hanging in the parking lot of a store when police showed claiming he reeked of alcohol. Lucky for him, he was released the same day.

I guess that being a moonshine distiller and test taster comes with some consequences!

Justin Timberlake Bringing Sexy Back Via Barber Shop Style


Whether or not you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon, we have to admit, this was a good one. Fallon is known for bringing his musical abilities to the table during his Late Night show. Even his dancing moves will come out every once in a while, as we saw from his funny rendition of “The Evolution of the Mom Dance” with first lady, Michelle Obama. But throw Justin Timberlake in the mix, and you get the hilarity of “The History of Rap” and this new gem, “Bringing Sexy Back” – barber shop style.

We thought it was good enough that Timberlake did a rockin’ job hosting Saturday Night Live for the fifth time last week, but keep him on the air and we’ll continue to be entertained!