Ex-Cheerleader Gropes A 12-Year-Old Boy And Then Tries To Give Him Oral Sex


What?!? Ex Tennessee Titans cheerleader Elizabeth Garner has taken creepy to the next level! She has been charged with aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor after she supposedly groped a 12-year-old’s ‘heuvos’ and then tried to go down on him.

Married, Garner is 42 and supposedly tried this stunt at a party the boy’s mom was holding. She said that it was accidental because she thought he was a grown man but was too drunk to notice. But it doesn’t really make sense since apparently, the boy told cops she tried the act after asking if he’d ever been with a grown woman.

After the incident, the boy immediately told his mom and she called the cops. Garner is currently being held on a $30,000 bond. If guilty, she’ll be in jail for the next 8 years! Serves you right for being creepy… What do you think? Does she deserve it?