People’s Weird Obsession With Tragedy And Death

In response to: Paul Walker Dies At 40 In Fiery Car Crash

Here at Random Humor, we don’t get the obsession with people’s wanting to be connected to tragedy or death. Paul Walker passed away Saturday afternoon in a fiery car crash. Before his death, his twitter followers rested at a modest following in the low 700,000’s. By 10:45pm EST, his count went to well over 850,000 followers and are still rising.

We hope people know, that by following him after he passed doesn’t mean you are a fan. The fact that you are looking for a connection to him through his death is kind of… well, weird.

We’ve seen this happen time and time again over the last few years. Someone (especially a celebrity) is hurt or tragically dies, and the followers or friend requests come pouring. And it seems to have something to do with wanting a weird connection to a particular tragedy. Here’s a small piece of advice; Don’t pretend to care once someone passes and don’t jump on the bandwagon when a group of people start to make fools of themselves.


Yo Yo Yo – New Pope! Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Named New Pope


Whether or not you’re Catholic, this is big news for the sake of history. If you don’t know why, well, brush up on your history.

So after a few days in voting, a new Pope to lead the Catholic Church has been elected! Everyone, say hello to Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Harry Style’s One Night Stand Brings More Death Threats To The Girls Falling For One Direction


Well it’s happening again. Harry Styles is the center of death threats being passed on by his loyal fans. And, yes, I would say they’re pretty loyal considering they’re willing to take on jail time for their actions! The funniest part to me, Perez Hilton reports that Styles supposedly wanted to sleep with her because she looks like Megan Fox!

Harry Styles, from One Direction, had a one night stand with the lovely Shaniece Nesbitt after one of his concerts. Now Nesbitt is receiving a load of online threats. Shaniece received so many threats that it actually caused her to delete her Facebook page! Kind of sad actually… And my hope is that Harry would give her some good gifts or something for going through all that junk! We know he can afford the hospitality. But then again, he is a rock star. And to the One Directioners, way to keep it classy!