Legal Action Against Justin Bieber For Graffiti

Source: TMZ

Justin Bieber picked the wrong city to spray tag, ’cause the mayor of Gold Coast, Australia just issued an ultimatum to the “pop princess” — clean up your mess … OR SING FOR ME!!!!!

Mayor Tom Tate just issued a video message to Bieber after the singer went graffiti crazy all over a hotel wall during a visit to the city last week.

“I’ve got a message for pop princess Justin Beaver,” Tate said … “We love your music but we hate your graffiti and your vandalism here in our city.”

He continued … “Mate, you’ve got two choices — come back and clean up your mess or come back and sing at the [Mayor’s Christmas Carols event] on the 7th of December.”

It’s unclear what will happen if Bieber ignores both requests … but here’s our advice for Mayor Tate: Don’t hold your breath.”

Justin Bieber Apologizes For Lindsay Lohan Rant And The Many Comments


Justin Bieber has been knocking down lies left and right. Bieber has been in the media a ton lately; from his backstage, pass out moments, his escapade with the paps in London and now his comments about Lohan and Instagram rants about not seeing rehab in his future. After all of this, he has taken down his previous comment about Lindsay and apologized to his fans. And for the rest of you haters out there, he left you with this:

“If anyone believes I need rehab that’s their own stupidity,” he wrote. “LOL. I’m 19 with 5 number one albums, 19 and I’ve seen the whole world. 19 and I’ve accomplished more than I could’ve ever dreamed of. I’m 19 and it must be scary to some people to think that this is just the beginning.”

This is the second time Bieber has shot down the tabloid reports about him using social media. Man, if I was worth a few million, or a hundred, and had 35 million followers on Twitter … psht – I wouldn’t care either!

Low Ticket Sales Causes Justin Bieber To Cancel His Second Show In Portugal


News reports all over claimed that Justin Bieber cancelled his second show in Portugal due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Many equate it to the crazy week in London. Whether it be leaving him exhausted, his terrible birthday or even being hospitalized last week after passing out backstage during his show at the O2. But this all doesn’t make sense that the SECOND show is being cancelled.

Random Humor has learned that the show is most likely being cancelled due to low ticket sales. He will be performing his first show tonight at Lisbon’s Pavilhão Atlântico, but sources say the second show tomorrow is officially cancelled. Bieber’s reps have informed tomorrow nights ticket holders to receive a refund through their ticket sale resource by April 11th.

Many are offended and quite upset that the show is being cancelled, but if you really knew how much money it takes to put on a show on a “Justin Bieber scale,” it would all make sense. Hey, at the cost of a Bieber ticket, just take the refund and go on vacation.

Justin Bieber Flips Out On London Photographer And Threatens To Beat The F*** Out Of Him


Well, I guess Justin is feeling better! Bieber flipped out on a photographer after trying to get to his vehicle. From the sounds of the video, the photographer was getting in the way of the pop-star. When his body guards tried to push him back, the photographer started verbally attacking the group. It was all a little too much, so Justin Bieber had a few choice words of his own!

TMZ and TheHollywoodGossip have the video for you below!

Justin Bieber Flips Out On Photographer

Follow-Up From Previous Post

Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Collapse In London


Justin Bieber was rushed to the hospital just moments ago after he collapsed backstage. Sources close to Justin said that he felt dizzy during his show at the o2 Arena in London. He started feeling this way with only four songs left.

He was pulled into a room where security and EMT’s gave him oxygen. When he was told to cancel the show, he declined saying that “he couldn’t because of his fans.”

Random Humor just learned that Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, went onstage saying, “Justin’s got very light breath. The whole show he’s been complaining, and he’s backstage with the EMTs and the doctor.”

Shortly after Braun’s announcement, he got back on stage and finished the show. He got a huge standing ovation. He was then rushed to the hospital for regular treatment and are told that he is doing better, feeling OK and is ready to rest.

Bieber Tweets “Worst Birthday Ever”


Well, we don’t normally post about Justin Bieber this often, but, we thought you could use an update of what he said was going to be (via Twitter) a “good night ahead.” A few hours after tweeting this, it was followed up with a tweet, “Worst birthday.” Many of the “beliebers” equate the terrible birthday night to the paparazzi. Soon trending was #BeliebersHatePaparazzi while Biebers tweet has now been retweeted almost 148,000 times.

Regardless, a source for E! said says that the birthday bash was interrupted when Bieber’s entourage was thrown out due to an altercation with the clubs security in London. They were forced to leave and Bieber decided to head back to the hotel. Sorry to say Biebs, but I guess this is what happens when you hang with the wrong crowd…

BDay Boy Bieber Turns The Big 19


Justin Bieber has been around for the last fives years when he was discovered by National Talent Agent and Manager, Scooter Braun. Nothing really to say here besides keep it up and have a good 19th birthday! Oh… And “if” you decide to go out tonight, stay away from the “spaghetti and milk” combo. We don’t want you to throw up at any more of your concerts.